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Dec 7, 2012 9:00am PST
and the economics of energy that the fracking technology has done in natural gas is unprecedented. anything in our lifetime, anything probably in about 100 years, it is completely transforming american energy and the american landscape and i don't think that we niecely have yet had the national political conversation. >> i think we have a map of the shale deposits in the u.s. massive fracking booms in texas, north dakota, ohio, pennsylvania. it's much of the middle of this country. >> yeah. an there's huge -- i mean what's fascinating about fracking the way it transforms the landscape, texas oil fields are texas old fields and west texas is oil and had the oil industry there for years. places where new fracking deposits and gas deposits are discovered it could be a little league field, a ranch house with about five acres and all of a sudden you are at the center of this very intense extractive industry that ten years ago it was nothing but farm lands and ball fields. >> and part of the problem is, you know, when we have this debate, we know what the economic impacts are. they tend to be good in te
Dec 11, 2012 9:00am PST
is a couple things. one, i do think infrastructure matters, and republicans were weak there on the technology side. that's one. issues matter. they lost the battle of ideas in this one. the demographics matter. you can't lose 90% of african-americans, 50% of asians, 40% of hispanics and win a national election. that doesn't mean that republicans can't win a national election. they have to figure out a way to calibrate. it goes to your point at the beginning of the show. where do they win elections? spend issing a good issue for republicans. why do they win a record number of state legislative seats in 2010? why did they win back the house? because they focused on spending. not on silly issues. they focused on spenting. the american people -- we had a poll that came out monday. they want spending cuts as part of this deal. they don't like the size of government no matter what democrats want to think. >> they also -- they also have to back off -- >> they're much more open to cutting programs. >> they to figure out their social agenda too. they to figure out where they stand on women's health an
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2